Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-08-13 05:43:46 (UTC)

I am a Product of your Hate

AHHHHH ..... the family life. What Bullshit. Well.... it
came ... it WILL happen ... and there is nothing anything
can do about it. My mom has kicked my sister out. Let start
out with the beginning. Ben (my sisters boyfriend) got a
lil to comfortable with coming over the house ... too
comfortable that he would sleep with my sister .. in her
room ........ and maybe even have the courage to sleep
together on the couch in the living room. (no they dont
screw ... come on this is my sister ... i dont even want to
kno that) Well okay ..... my sister decorated her room so
it was all kick ass. Everyone loved her room. But after she
met Ben ... things got worse in there. She got spray cans
and sprayed things allll over the walls. And when she ran
out of space ... she went to my brothers room and did it in
there too. Well obviously my mom let the first stage slide.
But when it came to the point that she thought she would
get away with it, my mom made her repaint her room and my
brothers room. Either they repaint or my mom repaints it
and she moves out. It took her an act of congress but she
did it. Then you would figure that things wouldn't get any
worse. What do you kno .... they did. (No my sister isnt'
pregnant ... yikes) My sister became lazy. Did nothing ...
NOTHING around the house ..... she was gone alll day with
Ben. And if she came home .... it was to sleep and eat. My
mom said NO. And most likely my sister got Fired from work
because if she didnt feel like going in .... she wouldn't
go. Ben quit his job. (Now they are two unemployed 'kids'
who love each other but can't support each other) Well you
figure since my mom isn't goin to be all easy on them that
David (my lil brother) would shape up. Yea I liked your
first guess (I believe that you nodded yes) NOPE! My mom
asked the boy to clean his room. He didn't want to. So she
asked him to at least wash the dishes. He didnt want to. He
had the nerve to tell my mom ...... 'I dont have to do
anything for you anymore because I am leaving next weekend'
Sure my mom was hurt ... but why wait ..... she told him
that if he wanted to go so bad to pack up his things and he
will be gone by the end of the next day. Believe it or not
... he did it. Dont kno how he is goin to make it ... but
he is so confident that he will. I mean it hurts me more to
just think about how it all HAS to be. My sister got kicked
out ....... but my mom was 'nice' enought to give her a 30
day notice. She had the option of staying at my
grandfathers house ..... but she doesnt want to because Ben
can't stay there either. And The four musketeers plan to
support each other and pay for an apartment or what not
that they plan to stay in. The four musketeers being Scott,
David, Nadine, and Ben. And I can't do much to help them
out ...... just hope that they make it. So you have been
basically updated on this ........ I dont kno what more to
say ...........