2002-11-07 05:41:26 (UTC)

crawling over broken tears,..

crawling over broken tears, hearts, glass
and im finding myself
doing the things that you hate
just to spite you
when youre not even within
screaming distance
but you never. really. ever. were.
thats that ill tell myself anyway.
ill pretend you dont exist.
tell myself we never kissed.
so you cant be inside me
whereever i go
and the memories im sure will fade
to a dismal glow
breathing, heaving
over analized ideals.
hopes. and dreams.
all deflected, rejected
by your simple schemes.
and the ignorance still blisters
in this huge festering home
we call it that
dont we...
but where am i? you? any of us?
and why is it
that im finding myself awake at 2 something in the morning
trying to justify giving up on the only thing
i have ever wholeheartedly believed in
i guess thats what this has come to
we bring our children up with dreams filled with
stars and twinkies and trampolines
smile pretty little girl.
let me take your picture
hold your arm out little girl.
let me brand you.
then can you
package you
and sell you
as a product
of this, our