Pointless Dribble
2002-11-07 05:04:02 (UTC)

Just Want Answers...

So, I havent wrote in a couple of days. I haven't felt
like moving, much less than writing how I was depressed.
This whole thaing with him has gotten to me. HE was going
to tell me his answer tonight. He was going to break up
with her last night. He was going to call me last night.
But that didn't happen either! We did talk tonight at band
pratice tonight, though. He said that he weighed the pro
and cons of us both. He said I won. DUH! Anyways, he
said that he was making up his mind tonight. He also said
that on his frist break tomorrow he would call me to let me
know what was going on. If he breaks that promise...
feeling are cut off. But everyone is pulling for me.
Everyone wants to see us together. Everyone sees how happy
we are together. That makes me happy. But I'm still
scared of a broken heart, because I do care for him alot.
More than I should right now... but you can't stop
feelings! I wish I could then I would know what a heart
break felt like but...o'well. I hope he truly feels the
same for me as I do him. What sucks is that I cant stay
mad at him. I'll be mad then he'll make me smile...and
that just breaks the tention. I know he cares. But who
knows what tomorrow will bring. I just want to know his
answer, so I know what to do from there. Love is scary
shit! But if he cares like I do then it will be worth it!
Lots of Love,

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