Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-13 05:28:58 (UTC)

pissheads and nightclubs: tim gets arrested

Weekend was a little interesting. After working until 2am at
the pub on saturday night I went to the Vic hotel and met up
with my little (well, younger, he's a pretty big bastard)
brother at the Vic hotel cos I offered to give him a ride
out of town rather than the group catching a taxi. By that
stage he and his mates were totally sloshed, and what a
frickin pain in the arse it was trying to round them up.
Just as we were getting ready to leave town we saw Tim being
escorted up the street wearing a pair of handcuffs and no
shirt after getting into a fight with some English dude who
was apparently giving him shit at the Vic earlier on. It was
fucken embarrasing. I knew all of the security guards
carting him away, one used to be a bouncer at my work and I
had been chatting with two others not even 15 minutes
earlier on in the evening. Tim was pissed outta his mind and
was yelling out 'Fight the power! Don't give in!', and
slurring every word. Actually it was kinda funny too, here
he was totally shitfaced getting carted off by 4 security
guards past us and going 'Yeah I'll catch you guys later'
like he was leaving a party or something. Oh well, he got
let out later on, after we went round to his place and woke
up his folks at 5am. Well, actually it wasn't me, I dropped
two of us mob off and they woke them up, I drove home with
my brother and got some sleep. People can be such a pain in
the arse when they're pissed. Myself included, I'm sure, but
at least I realise this cos I see scores of pissed people
every night I work. Well anyways, at least it made for a
memorable night I guess.