love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-11-07 04:22:27 (UTC)


moving in with Maggie and her baby. sometime between
tomorrow and the 27th of this month. daddy hasnt oked it
yet... but he doesnt have much of a choice. id rather him
be happy about my decision so i have a fall back plan if
things down work.

I have 2 jobs now. Same old crappy Sonic 3 nights a week
for $6.25 an hour and selling knifes with Vector and Cutco
for $10.50 an hour. Both lame as all hell.... but it pays.

Me and maggie will be living together with her baby. rent
is $400 a month... so I'll be having to dish out $50 a
week. def not bad. We've already bought dishes, towels,
food, cleaning stuff, the good stuff... it is all set... i
just have to talk daddy into it.

I'll have my own bedroom and my own bathroom and my own
grown up life. exciting.

ive been sleeping with josh a lot lately. i think things
are on a more intelectual and sexual level... we dont
really talk about anyting except extremely intelectual
stuff... and then we have sex... and its about the same
circle every time. but its better than just a smile and
then sex and then a back in my face.