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2002-11-07 04:15:03 (UTC)

when i think abouuuttt you i touch myyseellfff


so im home

i have this 1000 word paper to type up before my class


dont want to do it. not one little freakin bit.

my back is fucking killing me man.
i dont know what im going to do about it.
probably nothing.
considering...there is nothing to be done.


yes so tonight was oh so eventful
i went to the waffle house as usual.
did some work.
i actually got my shit organized again, which is always a
good thing, right?

tomorrow is melissa ferrick.
im excited.
shes hot.
and good.
the two best qualities a woman can possess, yeah?
heh. jk.

it was weird seeing julian yesturday.
it made me happy though =)
i cant remember if i mentioned that i saw him or not
but yeah i hadnt seen him since he was little
it was cute.
he seems to have matured a whole lot
which is good
in comparison to everyone else he used to hang out with
i actually saw someone else too
i hadnt seen him since fucking highschool.
hes going to vcc now, which is kinda weird
i never thought that he would even graduate.
but apparently, he did.
which is very cool.
ive known that kid since...wow. middle school? i dont

yeah, so.
hes gone straight edge.
which is very cool too.

its just kinda weird i mean.
hes like one of those people who did lots of drugs cuz,
you know. it was the cool thing to do then.
and now, its like hes all "look at me im straight edge"
cuz its becoming more of the "cool" thing to do, you know?
but still. its good.

i never really cared too much about him

LOL, "um. thats a lot of...coke. ashley?"

but, it still makes me happy to see one of the dirty
smelly drugged the fuck out people i used to somewhat
associate with, if you could call it that, cleaned up.

two of them in one day, weird shit.

good weird shit.

still weird.

i asked him if hed heard anything about christina.

he was really good friend with tim and tim and christina
used to "hang out".

you know. people with parents who do drugs, its like
people flock to them when youre younger because its easier
to do and get shit that way or something

but yeah

he said that tim doesnt talk to her anymore either.

which is weird considering they were pretty close, or
rather, were together a lot. and im pretty sure that tim
and sean were pretty good friends too. so...


but whatever. i mean.

its just weird not being close with her anymore, i dont
think about it much which is probabyl a good thing.

but we used to be. well. whatever.

i should stop at used to be.



i just hope shes okay. i tried for a long time with her
you know. fucking...years. so. its just part of me feel
like i gave up. like i let her down or something. she
always held me up with such esteem. i dont know.

just another thing of the many things that could make me
feel like shit

so before i get too into this one, im going to go focus my
attention on this paper so i can get some sleep and be
somewhat awake for my class tomorrow and my baby when she
gets here and melissa ferrick hehe. cuz shes hot and good

night kids.

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