Procrastination is Key
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2002-11-07 04:03:40 (UTC)

No Money for me!

Ok so I realize that I havent been trying that hard- but
everytime I have attempted to improve my monetary situation
I have totally failed. First of all was the phonathon
which I totally wasnt hired to work for- HOW EMBARRASSING-
granted I know I would have been horrible at it knowing how
much I hate doing that kind of thing, but DANG IT I would
have only bothered them for a month or so probably;-) The
latest letdown has been this study that the psychology
department was looking for subjects for. It was about
relationships and it paid $120 per couple for like 2 lab
visits and a few surveys! But of course I called tonight and
the answering machine said "If you are calling to sign up
for the dating study, all positions have been filled so dont
leave your name or number as you will not be contacted" How
rude. Tomorrow is my last try. The student store is hiring
people for book buyback period and for the beginning of next
semester when there is a rush of people getting their books.
I figure they need tons of people to help with that so if I
dont get this job I dont think there is hope for me ever!
Anyway- thats all, I'm bored eventhough I have an unnatural
amount of things that I need to be doing right now. Oh well-
phone call then bed

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