sammyboy Sam Al-Jafari

Sam Al-Jafari's Elective Diary
2001-08-13 04:47:47 (UTC)

Forget Ayia Napa

Well it's now Monday afternoon (I think) and I've already
decided that I'm coming back to this place next year.
The weather is amazing, the sea is warm, the beer is cold
and the massages are cheap.
On Saturday I spent the day looking around and sitting on
the terrace drinking beers. I met 3 london girls who were
staying in the same place and we arranged to go to some
Reggae Pub (It's meant to be pretty famous). The night would
have been fairly average unntil theey decided to put their
19 year old livers to the test and ended up rolling around
on the floor puking their guts out and then apologising to
me profusely for being such lightweights. It ended up that I
had to carry one of them the 100m from the taxi to the
chalet. I think that they've gone into hiding because I
haven't seen them since.
Yesterday I went to some Thai boxing gym for a
work-out and saw some of the hardest guys ever. Then
I chilled with a girl who arrived in the Bungalow next to
mine. We had a quiet night because the lack of sleep from
the previous days caught up with me, so we went to see
Swordfish at some bar and somehow ended up going for a swim
at 1am (although I think that it was my idea), so now my bed
is covered in sand. I feel that it is a token gesture that
an Arab can have a drink and swim with an Israeli (don't
laugh boys).
So today I managed to drag myself out of bed at 2.30 and
have a strawberry milkshake. Tonight I'll be going to the
Half Moon Party on the beach in Chaweng.
I hope you're all well.
Send me emails and let me know what's going on.