lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-11-07 02:57:22 (UTC)

i love davids...

most of them. haha david rowe rules...we had a long
talk today about his "relationship" and my brother's
"relationship" and all that was pretty cute...and
we went to the cafe and got free pizzas
should try it :-)

and today in mr. pate's class, i was talking to nice david
(whatever his last name is) and all of a sudden, he
said, "your earrings are sophisticated." i was really
surprised and probably had a weird look on my face,
and he said, "no,'s rare to find a girl who
doesn't wear gaudy or flashy jewelry or dress all
pretentiously, yet still has a sophisticated style." what a
tight kid. don't worry, i don't have yet another huge &
fatal crush ;-) but i thought that was rad