crackheads thoughts
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2002-11-07 02:03:08 (UTC)

All-District is next saturday!!!

Well, Today waz really stupid. I'v been doing a lot of
thinking...and I have problem's!! Lol...Yeah I know that
you all already know that. I just mean that there's someone
that I like and I think he like's me, but we cant go out
cause he lives somewhere else and I would never get to see
On the other hand ...I have all-district next
saturday ..and I just started playing the music...So I
really shouldnt even try-out ...but my mom and dad want's
me to ( and director) but I didnt try out last year b/c I
didnt think that I could play the first year of
marching band I did...but this a different
story..Shoot.BAND is just a different story. I need big
help. But then again I shouldnt just try out for my
parent's or teacher's .....but for myself. Music is the
only thing that I think that Im good at....but then again
come to think ok it...Now I dont even think that im good at
that....Im just good for nothing.

Like I have said time and time again ...I should just
drop band all to-gether! But I dont have the gut's to do
it....Music is the only thing that I care about...( Job
wise) and Im not even good at that.

I told my brother that I waz going to go to college and
he laughed in my face, Mom (as every mom) think's that it's
great, and daddy just dont want me to grow up. So now I
have no clue what to do.

And Micha and Shana's great Grandma died this morning, Micah
didnt come to school today...and Shana came in crying and left at
lunch. I feel for then cause we all know how that is... Im gonna try
and go see them after school one day.

But Well I think im done now. Dont know what brought all
all the whole college deal...but anyway...bu-bye all!