Mysterious Attitude
2001-08-13 04:00:48 (UTC)

Sunday Aug. 12,2001

*Wearing: Tight white shirt and bell bottom jeans
*Jewelry: Tha Usual
*Hair: down
*Listenin to : the tv... my mom and David r watching it
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Song of the day : Always and Forever- lol hell I dunno who
sings it... but Joe was singing it to me :)
*Weather: It was cool outside
*Talking to : Adrian
*Mood: Happy and tired
*Thinking: Hehe Joe is soo hott and Yay I get to go
camping tomorrow


I think Joe got over here at almost 10pm... it was
sumwhat not fun when he first got here tho... my mom like
went off and was yelling at me :( But it was all good I
washed dishes.... hehe but she was still yelling... anyway
Joe was all excited cuz the lady downstairs had told me
that her daugher liked Joe and wanted his number.... well
the lady gave me her daugher's number...and when he got
here he went to talk to the lady downstairs and then called
her daugher... =-/ So I got to sit outside all pissed off
cuz he was on the phone instead of hanging out with me...
but it was all good. I got a flash light, my notebook,and a
pen and started to write sum things down... He got off the
phone with her like an hour later and I was talking to
him.... and the rest of the night was full of all of us
laughing our asses off... later that night when my mom had
went over to gram's house...at like 1am I think... Me,Joe,
and David were acting like we were nutz...well they were
anyway... Joe was talking dirty and all this... it was sum
crazy shit... So I was like I'm going to grandma's and Joe
was like no Helena don't leave me alone with David he will
butt rape me.... lol I was like ohh well quit talking dirty
and I will.... hehe I didn't mind him doing it but I didn't
want him to know that... anyway I was like u don't love me
anyway u just want me to stay over here to protect u... and
he was like no I want u to be over here... and he like
started to sing this song called "Alway's and Forever"...
it goes like this "Always and forever...a moment with u...
seems like a dream to me... that somehow came true" and it
goes on I forgot the rest of it lol I have to ask
him...its like sooo sweet!!! I couldn't leave him cuz he
sounded so good singing it... hehe anyway I was touching
him quite a bit.... and he was getting close to me cuz of
David so I was like ya baby!!! hehe... well anyway I had to
go to my grandma's at 2:30am cuz my mom made me leave
lol...and I ended up going to bed at like 3am...

~*~*THA 12TH~*~*

Well I had told Joe before I went to bed to page me and
wake me up when he got up...so he paged me at 9:30am... so
I got up and went over to my house... to find him still
covered up and laying in the floor but he was awake... so
he got up... and he was like calling all these gurls...
which made me sorta mad so I just layed in his bed in the
floor to watch MTV... and after he fianlly got off the
phone... he watched tv with me... and then we got
online.... then got offline.... washed the walls...and then
got online again... hehe he even got a gurl's telephone
number :) Well then at like 4:30 everyone was at grandma's
house and we all were talking bout sum really weird stuff
lol and like laughing our asses off..... ohh yeah I also
gave Joe this yellow dragon with blue wings stuffed
animal... it was soo sweet he like carried it all over with
him :) Anyway I got ready after that and me,Joe,gram,and Jr
all left so we could get sumthing to eat and take Joe
home... so got sumthing to eat...and then went to Renee's
house... I stayed over there for a little while... and
while there I had Justin chasing me all over the front
yard... he was trying to hit my ass with a wet towel... but
haha he couldn't catch me so he never got to hit me lol...
Renee,Bear,Judy, Na Na,Jessica, and Billy all came at like
the same time... so I ran to Bear's car to hug and kiss
him.... and then we all headed inside and I talked to Bear
a little bit.... Renee a little bit... then went outside
and talked to Joe,Justin,and Billy.... then I hugged
everyone told them bye and I had gram take me by Andria's
house cuz she had paged me and wasn't answering the
phone... it took me like 10 minutes to get her to open the
door but when she did she asked me if I wanted to go
camping with them... so I called my mom but she said no...
but when I got home I asked her again and she told me she
thought I was saying sumthing bout a cat on the phone... I
was like nah I was asking if I could go camping... and she
said I could go...so yay!!! I'm waiting for Andria to call
me back to tell me what I need to take with me... I guess
they r leaving tomorrow and will be back in 3 days.... hehe
this is going to be fun!!!


Damn this sucks... I had to dump my flash boyfriend Max :(
I lost a game that I didn't know I could lose... but hehe I
started over so lets see if I can do thing right this time
lol... I tell u tho I almost cried tho lol its just a game
and my dumbass is crying ain't I the winner?? lol


Whoa... I just noticed that I didn't really write in
detail like I usually do I just wrote the basic things that
happend... and it's actually better that way..... so much
goes on over here when Joe is here so it would take me
forever to write down every single thing that is said or
done... lol he's just like that...when he is over here were
always laughing and having a good time it's great!!! Oh
yeah I also got a pic of him laying down... and acting like
he is sleeping so I can't wait till I get them pictures
devloped.... hehe
Well that's bout all for now.... hehe I'm going to read
sum of my mail, talk to sum people, and wait for Andria to
page me back....so i'm going to bizounce.... bye and peace!