My Journal
2001-08-13 03:42:45 (UTC)


Came home from Program Qiamullail last night. So tired,
slept for 5 hours straight after that. We gurls didn't
sleep at night. We told ghost stories and such. In fact, We
had a close encounter ourselves. Some of us heard voices
giggling and muttering and one saw a shodow walk across the
room and I myslef saw a sort of smoky apparition flowing
out of the room. At first I thought it was just my eye
tricking my mind because I wasn't wearing my glasses. Then
I realized I was wearing my glasses... Hmm..

Anyway, everything was a bit of a drag until the time came
for the groups to present a sketch. They were hillarious,
we laughed so hard. Even the teachers joined in and laughed
with us. That was the only fun part.

Right now, My class has 3 days off because of the English
Oral at school. I, as usual, with my obsession to Sheila On
7, scoured MTV for their videoclips. I was devastated to
find none. I STILL need money to call Duta!!