Emotionally Mixed Up
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2001-08-13 03:13:13 (UTC)


So this chick messages me today telling me she is my bf's
fiancee, that they have kids together and they are getting
married in April, oh and that she is moving to where he
lives this month. The part that hurt the most was her
telling me "He asked me to contact you because he doesnt
want anything to do with you" This lying ass bitch is going
down. I am still skeptical about this whole thing, but I
know he doesnt have kids with this slut and they are not
engaged, I feel tho maybe he does want me to stop talking
to him, I dunno, I am very confused. Maybe I worry too
much, if he did have another gf then why would his whole
damn family know about me, and why would I be going to
Florida in January to be with him????????????? Argh, this
is such bullshit. I feel like I am in highschool again,
this nasty ass chick is only 15, he's 21, why would he have
a fiancee and kids when the bitch is only 15???????? My bf
seems to think it's a friend of his fucking around, well
whoever it is better be careful, cause I am so mad.
Possible skank bags: His friend from New Mexico, or one of
his sister's friends, watch your backs *lol* how mature of
me to say, but at this point, I dont give a damn.

Lady M.