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2001-08-13 03:07:30 (UTC)

Baby, I need you

Its even more beautiful than yesterday! And it has been the
most fun day ever! I feel energized, fun, and like I
confident and proud of myself. I WANT DUSTIN SOOOOOO BAD! i
would seriously do him in a second. I am such a horny
little bitch... geez. I hope no1 I kno reads this...
actually I hope no one reads this- but hey- maybe it'll be
entertaining for you u never kno what magical
things can happen during fb season! Damn i want him. More
than I have ever wanted anyone or anything. We are perfect
for eachother- it is me and johnny- but better. Its the
same- same way of talking- and hopefully there will be more
attraction. He is johnny i swear. A better, more full o
fhimself johnny. Maybe I dont love him... but its helping
me SOOO much in losing weight- i keep running further and
further- 4 or 5 miles today. And i ate about 500 calories.

I'm on a mission
To cure my condition
Cos without your kissin'
My heart's just a prison
I'm hoping and wishin'
That guy I'm forgiven
Cos every time you leave me I'm sad
The moment you're returning I'm glad
So let's not go forgetting what we have
Cause it's so damn bad
We're lovin' each day as if it's our last
Dancing all night and havin' a blast
Oh baby, I want you right here next to me
We're lovin' each day as if it's our last
Dancing all night and havin' a laugh
Please baby I need you here
If I hurt your feelings
Then baby we're even
Cos I've been bereavin'
Since you said you're leaving
But now you're by my side...
Let's not fight...
Cos you're right
That every time I lose you
I'm lost
No more you versus me
There's just us
Cos anything without you's
Just a bust
Baby trust
You're a must
So don't go throwing our love away
It's here to stay
I'm telling you
There's nothing that could stop us anyway
Our love is an ocean
Let's get it in motion
Please baby I need you here
I need you here

This is the sweetest song ever- Ronan King "Livin each day"
its a good one for me to sing while i'm running. Dustin
likes Kim i think.... but she told me she wasn't really
interested. So, if i could only be hot, and if i could only
have a good body, then i WOULD have the man of my dreams...
I'm working on it... maybe by tomorrow i will be down to
155... that'd be 2 lbs in one day... but i think i did it.
Tomorrow cross-country starts- YAY! i hope i do alright!
Pray for me!!! haha- all the prayers wont help unless i try
tho- and thats what I'm gunna do. hmmmm.... Kevin keeps
shoving me to the side- he either doesn't like me anymore,
or he is just being stupid- I am a damn high matenience
chic who needs a man! Even thought i may come off like it-
i am seriously not any type of a whore- I am just horny as
shit- seriously! I have never done anything sexual besides
kissing (but i did go right for the tongue ) if i'm
not careful i could become a ho tho... hmmm.. quite the
prob... but hey, i'm young, i'm beautiful, and i might as
well celebrate that! ummm.... get on top of me, on my bed,
geeeeez- dont we all love loving someone. This always
happens to me when school starts in the fall- LOVE- its the
season and the reason for the breezes! FB SEASON FRIDAY!!!!
INSIDE PANTHER FB NIGHT! soooo excited~ well- time for me
to go pee and workout! Sexy here i come! Be back tomorrow
with more!