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2002-11-06 22:53:57 (UTC)

Shopping and Baking

My morning was spent shopping and my afternoon baking.

I went to the eye doctor early this morning to have check
the pressure in my eyes. I'm on some new drops which have
a couple of possible interesting side effects. They can
change my eye color (permanently) from hazel to brown and
they can make my eye lashes longer and thicker, also
permanently. These side effects are only a possibly and it
can take years before they show up but they're unusual ones.
My eye pressures are now normal so I was given a
prescription for the drops. They are phasing in a new
computer system and right now have to keep double files--
one on paper and one the computer.

Then it was on to the bread store. We bought two big bags
which contained little bags of chips with expired dates on
them but they were all well sealed and should be fine.
These are for the two college boys who are coming home for
the weekend. We also bought more bread and some little
fruit pies for Hugh's lunches.

Costco was next. We bought dog and cat food, large sacks
of flour and sugar, Crisco, canned vegetables, bananas,
oranges, eggs, butter, milk, croissants, provolone cheese
and sliced ham.

We filled the car with gas, also at Costco, and went home
through Junction City, making a quick stop at our family
doctor's office for flu shots. I need to get everyone in
there for their shots within the next week.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and I was glad to find out
that I have no cavities or any other problems. *See you in
six months!* I was told. Hurrah!

The afternoon I spent baking. I made an apple pie and two
pans of cinnamon rolls. I also started the spaghetti sauce.
There's still stew in the refrigerator and tomorrow I'm
making stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes so there will
be lots of leftovers for the weekend when the college boys
come to visit.

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