A Dreamer's Playground
2001-08-13 03:02:59 (UTC)

Used and Taken For Granted

First of all, why does a woman lose their virginity?
Because they think they're in love or what? Especially when
they're young what is it that made them take that choice.
I suppose my choice was made because my family no longer
seems to care about me. First time I was 14 and I suppose
with Rob I felt loved and cared about...or at least special
and wanted.
He Should have known how unstable I was when he first
made his move, though I suppose all he wanted was pleasure
and sex. I almost liked it...I mean sex is extremely
pleasureable, but that's all he wanted from me.
We used to talk. Not ever about anything serious, but
just to have someone talk to you and listen...that too made
me like him. Though, inevitably, gradually his side of the
conversation became only about how beautiful women are that
he knows. I'm far from thin which made his every word like
a knife struck deep into my heart.
He mainly talked about how beautiful his friend Laura
was and how she didn't know it and how hot my sister was.
Now THAT is what really bothered me. Him fucking me to
forget me and then going after my sister.
Worst of all they are now dating and I don't have the
fucking guts to tell my sister what an asshole he is.
Though of course he's serious about her because she's thin
and beautiful and gets every single god damn thing that
should have been room, my car, and now the only
person I trusted to talk to. Love you too sis *rolls eyes
I suppose I should be grateful though...other than my
best friend and boyfriend, she does seem to be the only
other person who cares about me...even though she can't see
how great she has it. She often says, "My life sucks."
All I can think is, "You have no idea what makes life
suck. No idea at all."
If n e one reading this gives a damn... my site is the real me kinda
explains my suck ass life more though and my aim sn is
zeos2004 yahoo is night_shine77 and for msn
[email protected] if ya wanna talk, cool... ya wanna
sympathize? um no thanks but ya wanna talk then sure

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