Little Garcia

Guardian Angel
2001-08-13 02:57:16 (UTC)

We've astablished contact.....

Well that night I got home and checked out The Innocence
Projects web page. and
looked around. it was pretty profession-like. Kinda boring.
I also added the Chris the drummer and Nick to my ICQ list,
then went to bed.

After that I went about my days without a care in the
world. Went to band practice went to school, karate etc.

Then I was online and so was Nick. So we started talking.
We talked about how I was the first fan and such. And we
argued about how he thinks he can't sing and how I should
be in their band. And for the record till this day if they
ever wanted me to be in there band I would drop everything
and do it!. But then I had to get off the computer and
watch my bands band practice that I taped. He said that
he'd call me. Which he did. I talked to him on the phone
for sometime until he had to leave for a job interview.

I didn't want to talk to him too long either just for the
fact that I know the phone call would cost him alot.

I can't remember if I"ve mentioned this in the other entry
but he lives in Georgetown, Brampton. Thats like and hour
and a half..if not maybe alittle more. From my house.

days went by thinking of some of the things he said to me.
About like how he said I was pretty. And sweet, and WORDS
that were said.