Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-06 22:14:38 (UTC)

Horse as a dog!

Ok so last night we played a terrible show. I sang sick and
we were not tight at all. But it did make us realize some
things and help us know what we need to fix. And on the way
home I had to pee worse than I ever had before in my life
and I stopped at 2 gas stations and both said they couldn't
let me use their bathrooms so I just went in Chevron's
parking lot...they deserved it. And then I had a meeting
(not meating) this morning for work and I was to be there
at 9am EST. Well, my alarm didn't go off so i didn't wake
up till 8:30am EST(which they are lucky I did that) and
didn't get to the meeting till 9:20am EST.....but it was
kool they love me. I got a new fleece pullover from
atlantis, a monsters inc. hat, a Beauty and the Beast
Soundtrack and a disney coffee mug... Anywho joel thinks I
write "anywho" too much. I don't know why he thinks that?
Oh well....anywho...I have cartalige in my ears now and
they seem to get infected everytime I wear earings so no
more earings for me. At least for a while...I want so bad
to pay a doctor to fix sinus'.... make my nose
straight....fix my ears...and i wish i had a voice coach to
help me keep my voice good or maybe just to try to get it
good. :O) well, I am going to go....but have a great day....