The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-11-06 22:12:18 (UTC)

November 6, 2002. Late afternoon.

It's been a comparatively busy few days:

Let's see...I didn't go out Halloween, like I said; just a
cheeseburger alone at Jerry's. Apparently, there was some
violence at the Instant Camera show...they bum-rushed the
Pine Club out of playing before them, people were shouting
at them and throwing things, Jackie punched some girl...(?)
Things seem to be getting really nasty, scene-wise. It
makes me happy I'm not involved so much. Jackie's life seem
nuts since she started up with Matt. I'll admit to warming
up the he guy -- A LITTLE -- but still, she seems to be
shouting on the phone a lot more at people. I wonder...I
still maintain that Instant Camera = trouble. Whether it's
Neil dating Roseanne, Ryan dating Curious Orange, Matt
dating Jackie...doesn't matter! Always seems to end up
nasty! Those guys always end up crossing my path in some
weirdly uncomfortable way. How strange. People seem to
think I actively HATE them, especially Neil. That's not
really true, though. Obviously I've avoided them at times,
as our interests have tended to conflict, ha ha; also, I DO
find Neil genuinely unpleasant, and their music IS an awful
fusion of the worst qualities of prog-rock and mope-rock
(although it IS extremely well-played)...but does that mean
I hate 'em? Naw.


My band finally chose a name: the Red Nails. It has some
nice psychosexual/religious overtones; bloody nails, sexy
fingernails, you know. I'm going to make some Barbara
Kruger-styled buttons. Layla quit, so now I'm trying to get
ahold of Sarah to play bass. I hope that works out.

Also, it was my birthday on Sunday, 23 years old. Nothing
really happened of note...I didn't go out of my way to
publicize. It wasn't a big deal. I already feel 23 for some
reason. I went home and mom and dad had a cake. Dad got me
some pants, Nate gave me a few DVD's, including
the "Citizen Kane" double-disc...Dave gave me "Gimme
Shelter" on DVD, and Katie gave me a Daniel
Clowes "Eightball" anthology. Jessy sent a mixtape and a
photocopied short story...strange girl, ha ha. It was a
great, sweet tape. And as a birthday, it was fine. 22 was
such a weird year. Looking back, it was really a two-part
event. Part one stunk for the most part, and part two was
fantastic. So here we are back in the same place I was in
part one, but it's different. I've bene feeling pretty good
lately. Things aren't particularly wonderful: I'm short on
money, work isn't all it has been, Jessy lives away...but
regardless, I feel good. So that's a nice birthday present,

Speaking of Jessy, she's lookng to go to school at UofK for
her Master of Librarian Science. Wow. I'll write more on
that later. But the point is, we may be living a lot
closer. We'll see what that brings! I won't speculate
overmuch. This is the one area of my life where my
speculations seem useless and contrived and perhaps even
outright unhelpful. So I'll lay off. I'm pretty happy with
things between me and her. We talk a few times a week.

Election Day was yesterday. The Democrats are all spineless
weenies -- no leaders, no issues -- so we got our asses
kicked. Republican Congress, Republican
administration...fult tilt-boogie into Bush's unilateralist
and militarist agenda. I feel fine persoanlly, you know,
but as far as the state of the world is, I've never been
more worried. The Democrats need leaders who aren't afraid
to mount a serious opposition to this madness. We aren;t
getting them, though. It makes me wonder sometimes if I
should just drop everything and run off with the protest
movement. But that's no way to go.