The Shadow of Myself
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2001-08-13 02:27:12 (UTC)

this friday...

This Friday I do it.. I move in. It is the weirdest
thing. I'm excited.. but I just can't believe that it's

I think that I hasn't really sunk in.. how different that
it is going to be there. Maybe not bad.. but just really
really not even what I'm used to. All the things I look to
for comfort won't be there. I'll have to find new security
there. I'm not sure how easy it will be. I'm going to
miss a lot of things... like.. my mom.. my dad.. my best
friend.. my dog.. my bed.. showering without shoes..
familiarity of my surroundings.. all the people I know that
know me.. pick 'n save (hahahahaha not at all).. I could
seriously go on and on.. but I won't.

I think the most important thing.. is I just need to move
on. I need some change.. something new. I've pretty much
had the same order of events at the same place my entire
life. And as I say often.. variety is the spice of life.

I just hope that I meet people who can give me strength and
who I can do the same for in return. I hope that I do
actually have some time that I don't need to be worrying
about studying and stuff. I hope that I enjoy myself.. and
make a difference.. somehow.


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