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2002-11-06 21:27:26 (UTC)

"um well that is kind of...depressing...?"

in a july sky we met and i fell into your world
i never asked a why i didnt turn to look behind me
you were all i wanted to see for the remainder in this
this is an equation that i can not equate
this is a feeling i cant mistake
i never wanted this
and you say that you are A you say that i am B
but this doesnt equal anything other than
in my heart i sewed the lines together
knotted them shut so it would never come apart
but the fabric has frayed
and your address has changed
and the cork of this bottle
the needle in this hope
the fine line of dark and light
of wrong and then right
of forget and regret of a please and a want
its a need i can not succumb to
letters written at midnight
scattered now across my floor
an ever present reminder
and yes, yes, im such a fucking whore.
id lie in bed all night and day
to see your face when i opened them again
i would crawl to you and carry my tears in buckets
pour it on your feet
but you wouldnt even notice, you never notice me
and the doctors are trying to label me again
i threw out their reasons, im basquing in my sin
forgive me life
forgive me god
for i have loved. i have loved and i will continue
until the day that my sun forgets to rise
the meals i continue to skip
the scars on my wrists
the hair thats loosing place
the picture on my bathroom door
you are everywhere i turn around
look down baby
im there, by you always,
on my knees
coughing up blood
confessing this love
its scattered
im scattered
on the floor