all my shat
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2001-01-29 16:31:05 (UTC)

i really thought i screwed..

i really thought i screwed stuff up with aaron the other
I practically ignored him the whole time I was actually
there to see him, so it was weird....
and then he says he'll call, and I"m such a bitch about
that, so then i woke up sober the next morning realizing
he'd probably never speak to me again...
and he didn't call...
or so i thought...
I checked my cell messages today and he called when he said
he was going to for the first time ever.... he wanted me
to call him back... after how i acted... so i intend on
calling him tonight and giving the big ole apology and
hopefully we'll still be cool next time I come home, cause
I could really use a shoulder to fall asleep on... hehehe
and he's so good at being a sweetie...

trying to get from the things I do to the things I should...

started school today...
I'm scared of New York.

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