Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2002-11-06 20:44:04 (UTC)

Advice please...

My History Teacher is so wack... he's tryin to be all
black, and he's a white Italian boi... Who just said "ass"
in the middle of class...

I have a problem (besides my wack history teacher).

This past weekend I went to a theatre convention, and I
met a girl there. I didn't know that my girlfriend still
cared about me because her mother didn't want us to
be friends since I'm a rich bitch or whatever.

This girl, her name is Victoria, I like her a lot, but I love
my girlfriend Jamie... We didn't make up until Monday
night as a result of Sonny ^_^ and Victoria and I kissed
but once on Saturday night after I got dumped.

I want to tell Jamie that I cheated on her and I'm sorry, I
would never do anything to hurt her. I didn't know that it
was truly her mother's fault and not that she just didn't
love me! I should have thought, but I didn't. And now if I
tell her, I could lose her forever after I just got her back

I don't want to lose her again... It hurt so much the first
time! I truly do love her, but I was in the middle of a
hard time because of getting dumped, and also
because Jamie's mother thinks that my family and I are
bad influences because we're upper middle class
(which she considers RICH) and they're "lower" middle
class (which she considers MIDDLE CLASS).

I don't understand it. How can my family and I be bad
influences if we're better influences than she herself
is? I don't understand it one bit.

And I shouldn't be making excuses, I know what I did
was wrong. I am just looking for a way to justify it to
myself and to my love. I don't want to hurt her, but I don't
want to lose her either.

Now my wack history teacher is outside making a
phone call on his cell phone!

Anyway, I don't know what to do, or how to tell her
because I don't want to lose her, but she's been
blowing me off for her new friend Shay who actually
goes to her school. She's Middle class, so my
girlfriend's mom likes her! She blew off our date on
Halloween to go trick-or-treating with Shay, which we
had been planning for about 2 months. We were going
to have a small ceremony in which we dedicated
ourselves to one another. How ironic is that? She blew
me off, and that pissed me off because it led me to
believe that she wasn't commited to *us* and that all
she wanted to do was to hang out with Shay (who is a
punk, whereas I'm a goth, and jamie's a punk too...). I
guess it fits, but I still love her more than anything!

I don't want to lose her. Even though she treated me
badly, I have forgiven her because she's fighting her
mother about letting her and me be friends. That
seemingly innocent act caused me to realise that she
does love me, and that I love her deeply as well.

She has been mistreating her boyfriend in the same
way, but he is obsessed with her, he can't stand not
talking to her for even five minutes. If her mother yells
at her to get off the phone, he will whine and fight her for
a half an hour until her mother hangs up the phone for
her. And now she's not allowed to talk to him because
he and she talk on the phone for 2 hours at least,
everyday. In this case, too, it is her mother's fault, not
her own.

I gotta run, the bell's gonna ring, but PLEASE GIVE ME