Life according to Luvie..
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2002-11-06 19:53:43 (UTC)

A New Perspective on Life

Dear Diary,
Today I went to go get my glasses. I feel slightly weird
now. I look too intellectual. But seeing as my class rank
is 17 of 438, it can't be that off. I look like the nerd I
always tried to hide. But now I feel like it's okay to be

I don't mind looking this way for awhile. The other glasses
I wanted made me look sophisticated, but naw. I'm tired of
looking adult. These new glasses are kidlike. Now I look
all emo. Just what I am. I told my mom I want to dress
normal, but that won't do with these new "toys".

I am going to an ivy league presentation today at the
boardroom for our school district. It should be fun. Fun
for a nerd. Haha. Not really funny, sorry. But Columbia,
Stanford, and Yale will be there. I plan on seeing what my
requirements will be.

The schools I really want to go to are RICE and Emory.
Maybe I'll try an ivy league school like Stanford or
Columbia. It seems like a waste of money to apply, but you
never know. The world may be ready for Luvie. Hehe. It just
might be.

I need to make up work for gov't, but I don't know when to
do this. I will talk to my teacher sometime later. I also
have youth group today and I plan to go walking with Curly.
Hmm...I'm feeling a bit ambitious this afternoon.

Plus I am going to see Charlie. Yaya!!! I miss him so very
much. Like chingos. I love him so very much. Best of all,
no work!! Yaya!!! No Casteel hounding for me. Hehe. Gots to
go. Let's hope all my plans go to play.
Love always,

P.S. The glasses are bad ass.