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2002-11-06 19:33:40 (UTC)

I love you guys

This is why I love my friends. I figured everyone should
see Tina's response to my entry on wanting to be a bird. :-)

you don't want to be a bird! birds get pscatti and get
intestinal diarrhea. you don't want that, do you? be a
rainbow so can bring beauty to the world and give people
something to smile about....or be a bird...just don't get

Then there's my brother....love the boy to death & miss him
like crazy. My back row girls & I....hehe...were
discussing our siblings over pizza and bee-avoiding. :-p I
don't know why Daniel & I get along so well, but we do. I
suppose we're just cool like that. I managed to get him
addicted to email surveys as well. So here's his response
to the last one I got.
Ok-just kidding. AOL is being ghetto again. I'll post it
later. :-)

I'm such a little girl. I'm 20 yrs old & I'm a little girl
still. Why is that? Exactly why am I who I am? It makes
no sense, I know.

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