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2001-08-13 00:46:18 (UTC)


Got up early this morning, the neighbors were fighting
again. All that yelling and screaming reminds me of the
final days of my last relationship.

I did a bunch of cleaning around the apartment. Came
across a bunch of John's stuff in the hall closet.
Including a bunch of nude pictures he took of me when I
still trusted him. God I am glad he doesn't have them.
Also a bunch of porn tapes. I'm surprised he never called
wanting these back.

Went to Kate M's at noon to give personal training to. Her
husband keeps hitting on me whenever she isn't around.
He's a handsome guy but I have to stay professional. I
have become a good friend of Kate and will resist doing
anything stupid. Kate has made a lot of progress. She is
a good looking woman at 45. It seems Mark just wants a
younger woman. He's been so blunt lately it is making me

Went to the mall before heading home. I won $300 in Myrtle
beach when I was on vacation. I won second place in a wet
t-shirt contest. Bought 2 really nice outfits for work and
some makeup.

Ran into Jerry P.. He practically ran across the mall to
catch me. I saw him before he saw me and tried to avoid
him seeing me. His girlfriend was giving me dirty looks
from 30 feet away. She used to come into the gym, I don't
know her name, but she is a big slut. I'll be surprised if
they stay together very long. She is a spoiled brat and a
whore. Jerry is a dickhead but he deserves better than
that little slut.

The car overheated again while I was stuck in traffic.
Just what I need is a big car repair bill.

Got home and there was a message on the machine from
Natalie. She has a modeling job for me. Some guy wants
lingerie pictures for his personal collection, maybe some
topless work. I could use the money so I told her to book

Mom called. Cindy and her Paul are separating again. I am
so tired of hearing about their problems. I am tired of
giving advice. I just listened for 40 minutes. Also so
tired of being asked about when I am going to settle down.
I wish I could be honest with mom.

Bought some shoes online this evening. Hope they fit. Got
an email from Sandy. She is having a wonderful time in
California. Invited me to come visit, but I won't have
time until Christmas vacation now.

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