No Ones Kind

Misery and Apathy
2001-08-13 00:27:31 (UTC)

Love you more...

scribble isint working and i really needed to write. i dont
know how this thing works, wether or not it provides the
date at which i am writing but in case it doesnt its august
12th. im really tired lately, and my head is killing me.
its going to be nice to go back to school and work less.
therefore i wont have to drive a 1/2 hour to and from work
each day like i have for the past month. 'wise men say,
only fools rush in, but i cant help falling in love with
you' my situation exactly. ive been talking with tim
lately. sometimes for hours at night over the phone. and
every time i talk to him i cant help but fall in love with
him even more. hes the only one who can make me laugh as
much as he does. he means so much to me. i just hope this
isint some bullshit little thing thats going to be so
fucked up because nothing in my life goes as planned. i
want this to last, more so than ive wanted anything in my
life to last. ill hold on to him for as long as i can, and
i hope thats for a long time. its not that i dont want to
be alone, because i am, he lives so far away and ive never
met him (as stupid as i sound, many people have sounded
worse) its just that i dont want to lose him. he really
means a great deal to me. i can talk to him, and argue
constantly about nothing at all with him, and joke with
him, and be serious, and funny, and all lovey and shit. we
just get along so well. and i may seem down right loco,
believe me, i think i do, yet i cant stop the feeling that
i have for him from coming. hes the only one i feel i can
relate to. and im so glad ive know him for this year and a
half, almost two years. because he means so much. and i
just wanted to let him know that, although im not certain
he'll ever read this. '*sigh* you are NOT UGLY!!! Love you
more Tim" the email i got this morning :]