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2002-11-06 18:30:11 (UTC)

Its been a while......

Hey guys Im really sorry its been a while since I've wrote
to everyone.. Well what have you all missed. hmm.... well
I brought my car up to campus.. Today John Flemming is
bringing us to get a permit.. what a nice guy..

*Last week I got two tickets in the matter of a hour and a
half.. pretty cool huh? We spend most of our time deciding
where to hide the car for the night.. how interesting..

~I've decided that sometimes no matter what you do, you'll
just never be good enough for some people. You can let
time pass you can even move on, but when you come back to
make ammends on the past greviences you always end up in
the same spot. I've decided maybe I shouldnt even try
anymore cause its causing much more hurt then anything...

Malyssa, Ra and I dressed up and went to a club.. I was an
angel, Malyssa was a devil and sara was a kitty. BEfore we
went out sara and i went home.. we went to highland park
and saw someone i thought id want to see. And it was great
and made my night, but i guess in the end it wasnt worth
it.. We then went to my house and talked to Wally and
picked up my costum... then we went off to Saras house,
and her mom fed us real food!!!!!! ahhh.. then we puleld
the car over cause we saw some sweet little boys.. and we
tried to give them candy and they got scared and
screamed "we DONT WANT YOUR CANDY".. ouch.. turns out i
guess me and sara look like molestors or poiseners or

So we went to this club in hartford.. it was alright i
didnt really get into the music.. But Malyssa decides to
have me slap some "guys" ass.. me being a little drunk and
seeing the guys FAT ass decide to run up and slap it.. so
of corse i do like as hard as possible and turns out it
wasnt a guy at all.. but a lesbian.. she proceeded to come
over slap my ass and give me her favorite bracelette.. wow
im so lucky..

After we left we went back to Max's dorm and i was pretty
drunk at this point. and i was kinda being rediculous..
but lucky for me, Max has it on tape.. I stayed there the
rest of the night.... and that was basically it...
Note to self-dont drink in public

~I guess i havent been writing that much cause i have two
jobs and classes and im usually really really tired by the
end of the day... I work at D&D like 5-12 three times a
week.. and the past week it was 5 nights a week.. WHICH
WAS TOOOOO MUCH... Sara works at Blimpie.

*So last saturday.. i get called by max who tells me he
got written up for having alcohol in his room.. well taht
sucks.. especially cause it was mine.. ha but i gave it to
him so i dont care.. but better yet.. we go there that
night, and when we get home we end up getting written up
as well...

Heres the story.......
Tom is a psycho. Tom comes to door. We dont want to let
tom in. He's scary. he bangs and SCRATCHES on our foor for
15 minutes. Then Tyler and Greg come up and we let them
in. Mind you this is 4 in the morning... So tom comes back
and starts screaming. Pscyho i tell you. And TOri and
another RA come and ask for our names and IDS.. we are
going to our meeting with the hall director, brandy
tomarrow night... I almost punched tom. I was so mad. AND

^Oh another cool thing. I bring Greg from downstairs to
the package store.. and he almost got us all killed by the
store owner who was like drunk and scary as hell^

* So sara and i cleaned our room hard core a few fridays
ago..and the best part is. I cleaned before i went to work
the other day.. and fabreezed and everything.... Sara
comes in to the room while im at work.. and it smells like
GHANDI... we have no idea why at this point. but she comes
to work to tell me that the door was unlocked and it
smelled wierd.. SO at 12:30 when we get home from work we
go to check it out.. and we aresmeling all around the
room.. let me tell ya, it reaked.. but turns out someone
put SOMETHING smelly in our trash.. how funny/nasty is
that.. so me being smart like i am,, i drag it down to the
bathroom trash,,,, forgetting that it would smell up the
whole bathroom.. which it did.. opps my bad.

*the other night Malyssa and I took the escort service to
get home from max's.. it was so funny. its a HUGE silver
van.. and the guys in it are all geeky and stuff.. haha...
We had no choice. because we woulda had to walk
our "vulnerable female bodies home in the dark of night,
risking our selfs to uncoming mean preditors.." HMM!!!!!!

^I thoguht i was doing well at this dunkin donuts.. let me
tell you some things dont change.. I was in such a bad
mood cause i recieved my letter sayin i was written up and
a ticket saying "if you dont move your car we are going to
for you" (meaning tow it)... so this guy comes in and
orders a hot chocolate and i gave him basically a cup of
water then laughed and thought it was funny. then we get a
phone call like 20 minutse later saying.. "i sent my
driver in to get me a drink and its all water.. can he
come get a new one" WHATTTTTTTTTT EVER! Then this chick
comes in and is like "why dont you have any donuts, this
is dunkin donuts".. STUPID DITZY RETARD... but dont worry
i put her in her place with words.. just like i am good
at... grr people are retarded...

In getting a job, i am loosing my chance to watch both the
real world on tuesday and FRIENDS on thursday.. its so
sad.. I want to cry every tuesday at 10 and every thursday
at 8.. oh well though...

Ps- school work sucks. so i dont really do it.

*Luv always and Forever*