2001-08-13 00:20:49 (UTC)

life sucks (or so they say)

yes chris is back at his moms and the computer gets screwy
all the time and disconnects him and i get all worked up
bout it but he tells me not to WAT THE HELL AM I SPOSED TO
DO!!?? your bf isnt talkin to you and then all of a sudden
he disappears it just pisses me off..we have gone to the
lake for the past 4days straight and we have fee pay day
thing at school tomm and its from 1-330 and then i have an
ortho at 4 grr life just is a big clump of shit! i talked
to Todd like 3days ago and now hes busy w work but o well
hes a nice guy i want to get together w him i think we
could have some fun (not the way that perves think tho)
todd is just a friend and thats tha way it will always b
cause he has a gf too so we are all good on that thing we
both like to go climbing at the same gym grr i wish i would
have known him when i actually went every day when i was
really really bored but i donno i think i can get back inta
it just to have a hangout he lives like 45min away from my
house so its kinda a ways away i have to go now chris left
and he cant get back on or so im assuming but i think we
can all live and if you cant then i dont know its the way
things are my friend ash and i were talkin about STYX last
night i was brought up on that music but i listen to
country now but ash was like i know people wouldnt know wat
good music was if it hit them upside their head well im
gonna go and maybe talk to one of my so called friends the
only o yea ryan last night was really protecting me and it
was weird i guess thats a way for him to show his feelings
for me tho we agreed its just friends ok im out