My Life.............
2002-11-06 17:38:39 (UTC)

weigh in time!!

i weighed myself this morning, i was so shocked, i cried!
im down to 159, so that means i lost like 3 or 4 pounds! i
know that might not seem to some a good weight to get all
excited about, but, just imagine yourself being 300 pounds,
then after a year of exercising your ass off, you finally
get down to 100 something, its very exciting and im very
Its been a year of hell, i must admit, so many times i
wanted to give up, but, i knew god was behind me pushing me
along, never letting me give up on my dream..
I know 159 pounds is still considered overweight, but, to
me, im skinny, it took alot of tears to get where i am, and
im never going back!!!
now i just have to work on my self esteem, that doesnt
come along with losing weight, no matter how much you want
to believe it will, thats something totally different, no
matter how much weight you lose you will still see yourself
as huge, i admit i still see myself at 300, but, others
dont, they see how far ive come, and when people say nice
things to you, it makes you feel good, but, the feeling
doesnt last long, i have to find a way to keep myself
feeling good about me and my new body, i dont know how im
going to do it, but, im gonna try...
no matter how big you are, you are someone important, and
its not right for others to make you feel less than that,
but, hey thats thier problem, thier self esteem cant be
that great that they have to make someone feel bad about
themselves to make him/her feel better, i feel sorry for
people like that, they are the ones who need to change
themselves! if your happy with the way you are, then stay
that way, you dont need to please anyone but YOU!!!

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