pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-08-13 00:02:16 (UTC)

i have no long socks

dum dum. i'm worried about the soccer tournament tomorrow.
i just remembered i have no long socks and therefore i
cannot wear any shin guards. and you have to wear shin
guards to compete. so up that.
damn, damn, damn. i wish i never joined soccer.
i feel sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.
and i'm desperate for a job. i even sent out an application
for hungry jacks.
for crying out loud.
dad's got a day off from work today and this morning i told
him i needed new school shoes because mine have completely
split up the back and it's like wearing thongs. dad had a
look at them and then told me i should have told him
sooner "instead of walking around looking like a pov".
those were his exact words.
so rude.
i'm in IT at the moment and mr marshall's away so we've got
miss saddler as a substitute. she's going around checking
on what everyone's meant to be doing, and it's not this so
i'd better go.