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2002-11-06 15:48:17 (UTC)

blah blah and more BLAH

yea im grounded. for life. da da da damn. i got in the
biggest fight with my mom last night. 3 weeks. no computer.
no going anywhere. no having anyone over. im only allowed
to talk on the phone and not for very long. so yea my paige
and carrie weekend is screwed. this is so gay. maybe if i
can annoy my mom enough shell let me off early cause she
wont want to be around me anymore. she saw my ears too, she
was pissed and thats what started the fight. shes not mad
that theyre pierced shes mad that i didnt have permission
and that i did it in an unsafe way. bullshit. my dad said i
can keep em in though lol. well yea. im only going to be
able to write during best and lunch now, not that i really
write from home anyways. im not gonna come in to the
library during lunch tho, so ill explain everything
tomorrow when i dont do my work for best AGAIN. hasta luego.


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