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2001-08-12 23:20:08 (UTC)

Rainy Summer Afternoon

Dear Friend,
I am writing because there is no one to talk to about
the thoughts swirling through my mind.Daniel is in jail on
drug charges and his wife is out on bond.He must be pretty
shook up by his new surroundings.A man like Bryant will not
last long in jail.He is a bit of a sissy and I cannot
understand why he married Penny.Bryant is a neo confederate
and Penny has been known to do rock cocaine.Brenda was a
whore on the streets of Baton Rogue and she had a pimp.She
was attacked and left for dead.One of her clients,damn near
beat her to death with a baseball bat.
She spent several months in the hosptial and she still
limps.A cracked skull and brain damage will make you limp.
When she return to her hometown area,she married Bryant,the
neo confederate who lives inside the vaccum of the past.Maybe,
he loves her and wanted to help her.
Don't ya know the sons of the south did a jig when they heard
that one their own had married a white whore and life is not kind nor
gentle to those of us who limp.I have heard others say that she got
what she deserved.Should I agree with this accepted reasoning for a
healthy young woman to live with both physical and mental
diabilities? Penny did not deserve to be beat and left for dead and
tossed into some desolate alley like a piece of rubbish.
Regardless of her lifestyle,Penny is human and no human deserves to be
treated as if their life doesn't matter.Surely if people get what they
deserve,then what goes around comes around.