in deep sh*t
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2001-08-12 22:18:46 (UTC)

4th entry

Funny..David just wrote to me. He wants me to move in with
him when he goes to Manhattan. Too bad he played games with
me before. It'll cost ya in the end. Why don't guys
understand that??

There was a time when I liked him and I was gonna stay. I
told him I liked him and he liked me too etc he was
intelligent, very good looking.
Then he starts not calling, he starts playing games. So I
moved on with my life and my plans COZ I HAVE SOME. Jealous
about the roommate wondering what I'm doing etc but when I
was there you didn't appreciate me or even talk to me. You
were silent and cold. Now he wants to pick up where he left
off and it's too late.

And Jesse...what's up with that?? I did all I could for you
but when I really needed you YOU WEREN'T THERE. That's like
I'm skydiving and need a parachute and it
If you weren't there then I need you now like I need a
heart attack. YOU'RE FIRED. lol
And now you send someone to me pleading with me telling me
how much you love me etc and it's just too little too late.
I don't stick around forever. And I don't waste my life
pining over people. That's what happens when you play games
and you're not honest. It's too late.

I'm glad I didn't have sex with anyone of you flakes.I know
what you're about. And if you can't TAKE ME SERIOUSLY and
respect and appreciate what I'm about...


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