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2002-11-06 13:47:36 (UTC)

oh well whatever neverminnndddd hello hello hello helloo how lowww????????????

waking up the last couple of mornings as i have
im pretty sure that ive decided
i should take anymore nyquil.
for awhile.

thursday is a good thing to wake up to.

mommy is making my happy egg.
how. happy.

fsu is certainly taking their time huh.
but you know.
im not stressing it anymore.
either i go there, or i stay here another semester.
either way, itll be fine.
and i will be fine.
and that is what is important.

my birthday is so soon.

its going to suck. ha. like a bunch.

but thats fine with me too.

whats the point of getting upset people?
nothing is ever going to change
and you have no control over anything.
maybe you think you do
but you never did
and you definetly dont know
so smile =) and eat happy eggs in the morning like me
and maybe youll make it through this shit
without too much animosity


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