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2002-11-06 13:01:05 (UTC)

frustrated and confused

Why is it evertime i get a piercing... Someone has
something to say about it. If its a good commet great but
damnmit... oh but whatever not everyone likes everything we
do, so i guess u have to except that and just brush off the
stuiped comments that are nasty, Men i am so confused by
them....... we should have a manual or something i mean
jesus........ I dont know some give me some insite, any one
else confused by the other sex? wish i could read body
language. Enough with that, my morning is going good but i
have to work in preschool for a few hrs today, oh i hate
those little fuckers lol.I will never work in that room
again after today I hate It completely teachers in that
room are a bitch........ but whatver i will ignore them
play with the kids and be forced to like it lol..... I
will write more later
!~~*~* catTears18~*~*