Jess's Journal
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2002-11-06 12:05:49 (UTC)

I can't believe people

I can't believe people. I mean come on, Chris is a really
sweet and nice guy who in their right mind would call him a
dumbass. Really, he's far from one. These sort of things
really piss me off. If they want to insult someone, insult
me first, but they have to go through me before they can go
through Chris, because basically, he doesn't need that, and
he has great friends who tell him the complete opposite of
whoever that dumb comment was from. And not having the guts
to sign their name? hello. how do they know erin doesn't
like him? That boy helps me out a lot and he's such a great
friend. i am not going to allow anyone to talk to him like
that. no one.