The Wait For True Love
2002-11-06 09:27:35 (UTC)


I'm very proud of myself today. After slacking off for a
while, today i got a lot of work done. Did laundry, turned
in an english paper, did some math homework, and I even
transformed 10 pages of music into only 2 pages of music:-)
just in case my section leader doesn't do it for me but
she's such a sweetie i bet she will. and her copy will most
likely be a hell of a lot better than mine. but anyway,
damn i suck at this diary thing. what the hell am i
supposed to write about? most people write about they're
day and they're thoughts about what happened that day but
shit i never do anything all that interesting so what do
people like me write about? and here i am having an
arguement with a computer screen. ha!

well lately little things have been bothering the hell out
of me. i get annoyed at the smallest things and its tearing
me apart inside. yeah i've come to the conclusion that i
need mental help. someone needs to tie me up in a straight
jacket or some shit. man thats gotta suck to be in a
straight jacket. what happens if you get an itch or you
have to pee. oh especially if you're a guy. who's gonna
hold your... uh... "willy" for ya? and if you're a girl, how
are u gonna wipe your ass? oh well i guess thats the thought
of the day or some shit like that.

yeah i can hardly wait for xmas break. im really missing
home. i wanna talk with my mommy and wrestle with my
sister... lol. yeah me and my sister got really close over
the last couple years. i really wish she was a little bit
older cuz she's soooo easy to talk to but there's only so
much you can talk to an 11 year old about. yes i did say
11. lol. how lame is that? the person i enjoy talking to the
most is my 11 year old sister. the girl has barely started
puberty and here i am poisoning her mind by telling her how
i got drunk and puked my guts out and that guy whose brains
i wanna f*ck out. and of course i explain to her how when im
21 she'll be 14 and it'll be the perfect time to get her
drunk for the first time. but of course goody girl doesn't
wanna get drunk. poor girl will never survive college. hee hee.

after all that blabbing im quite sure that i definately miss
my sister or should i say sisters. since there are 2 of em.
and i love them both equally even though one of them is more
of a pain in the ass than the other but oh well. its
getting late and i have just proved that people like myself
that don't have lives can indeed think of enough pointless
thoughts to write in a diary and have enough of them in one
night to create a diary entry. surprising isn't it. oh
well. nighty night since it is 4:30 am


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