as the Oval turns
2001-08-12 20:58:19 (UTC)

Broke Pacey

Yesterday was the Cedar Point trip, and it was pretty
cool. It was a really eventful day w/so much stuff going
on, I think that it is impossible to go over everything we
did and all I learned. I rode up there w/Pacey, and it was
interesting. We talked on the 2 1/2 hour ride there, and I
found out a lot about him that I didn't know, and it really
explained a lot of stuff. We caravaned w/a couple of our
friends, HG and his girlfriend, and it got scary at one
point b/c they almost ran head-on into a semi! But they
got out of the way just in time, praise God. So we got to
Cedar Point, met up w/some other folks, and waited for the
rest of our group. So after all that, we went into the
park, split up (which was a bad idea but hindsight's
20/20), and rode stuff. I hung out w/Pacey and our other
friend "Bill." Bill and I were taking Pacey to the
different rides, b/c Pacey had never been to Cedar Point
before (and he's from Ohio...imagine that). We met up w/a
couple of folks from our group, but we lost everyone else.
That kind of sucked, b/c I was supposed to ride back with
HG and his girlfriend, and they were among the lost. So we
all tried to look for them, but they were nowhere to be
found, so we went to plan B, which was for me to ride back
with Pacey, and he'd stay over at his boys' place here in
Columbus. So that was cool. We talked for part of the
way, but we were both pretty tired, and weren't into
talking too much.
Yeah, Cedar Point was pretty fun. I did learn stuff,
though...I'll get into that a little later.