And now for something completely dumb
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2002-11-06 06:54:36 (UTC)

Week from hell

Well, let's see, things went bad this weekend, and here it
is fucking Tuesday and I've hit the lowest possible low a
week can have.

I got stood up at my formal. 10 minutes before I was
supposed to pick her up, she calls to tell me she's sick
and can't go. Thanks for giving me good warning. I mean
you said you were sick all week, yet I remember you called
me Wednesday drunk off your ass. But Saturday turned out
to be good...very memorable. Me and one of my boys were
hanging out with Stacie, my ex-g/f, and one of her
friends. We ended up playing Spin-the-bottle. Its kinda
funny that we played that, when that's the game that had a
little to do with Stacie breaking up with me. And it was
very different kissing her again. Not different in a bad
way. Just, I never imagined we would kiss ever again. I
was kinda nervous at first, but "liquid courage" does

My rent has gotten way out of control. I'm over 4 and
half months behind. I just don't make enough money at
BB&B. But I don't have time to look for a second job or
even a new one. And if I did find one, I don't have
time. Unless I did something like, go in at midnight and
work till 6, go sleep for a bit and then go to class, go
to my first job and then to my second one. Right now
though, it looks like I might have to go back to selling
drugs. Not something I want to do. But it did help me
out last time. But I promised myself I wouldn't do that

Song playin: Chop Suey by System of A Down
Next person to call: I don't care
Cigarettes thus far: 4
Dumb thing done/said today: I was pretty smart today,
nothing stupid

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