lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-06 06:28:09 (UTC)

not crying, but...

eddie murphy!!! haha that was brian mich's description
tonight during catchphrase...ahh i love that game. the
girls totally whooped the boys and was rad. we
did other stuff, too....sort was hangout night at
youth group and we all basically just hung
around...yeah you should try it sometime.

life's pretty good...i felt like crap today but then when i
went into the training room and talked to coach and
colby and eric about some stuff, i felt much better.
haha not. never tell colby ANYTHING...he'll use it
against you forever. he still makes fun of things i said
in 8th grade.

in english we had to do impromptu speeches on 3 was really rad...i love mr. z's class...we got to
choose one word to do one on (captious), one person
to do one on (my dead indian grandpa), and then he
picked one for us...basically he stares at you for like ten
seconds and then shouts out a topic. my topic? "my
ideal guy"...haha what are the odds, huh? basically this
was my answer (cuz we only had 30 seconds):
someone who can balance having a strong faith in God
and high morals but still have an incredible sense of
humor and extreme sarcasm. while it's not the extent
of my list (which i have temporarily abandoned since
i've decided i'm not on the man market right now), that
is pretty darn important. hahaha life is great.

and practice was freakish...we ran 2
must have lost his mind. we finished and we thought it
was our warmup so everyone's just very confused by
him right now...but i have to say on his good side so i
can keep getting free leg massages every day...not
bad. he still hasn't fixed my nerve thing in my
basically i am one giant spaz right now, with a
collapsing knee and a numb shoulder.

good news. britt's been converted to watching zuma
dogg. every tuesday night, channel 8, 10 pm. check it

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