My thoughts,My dreams, My life.....ME...
2001-08-12 20:09:59 (UTC)


~~~Okay, this is my diary..... My best friend cort always
calls me ru-ru. She started calling me ru-ru when her father
(crazy crazy man) started saying hey ru-ru everytime i
would call. They are an awesome family and i spend as much
time at their house as i can :).... I live in this small
town in the panhandle of florida and i promise you there is
absolutely nothing to do here. It is like the beach and the
mall there is nothing else and anyone and everyone who has
ever lived here or currently lives here hates it . I am in
high school and everybody knows everybody else and anything
and everything they do and have done in the past. Usually
before the person even knows they did it right! It is
really crazy but hey in two years i am so out of here. I
will write more later i just wanted to start my diary so
bye for now.

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