2002-11-06 04:39:20 (UTC)

Not as good as yesterday...

Well the day started out pretty good this morning....I
woke up in a good mood got in the dressed and
headed off to work. Well on the drive I was listening to
the morning talk show and they started talking about if
you could love more than one person like when you break up
with someone you say I will always love you. But do you
really always love that person or do you just say that?!
Then they started talking about is there really only one
true love or do you belive there is I believe
that a person can only have one true love only one and
hopefully that true love is the one you stay with all your
life but if not the other person will never measure up
never be good enough which isn't healthy for a
relationship. But what do you think?

But then I got to work and that's where things started
to go wrong...the customers that I had to deal with today
were awful. One said that we were unprofessional because
we couldn't wrap her frames in wasn't happy
because the moulding she ordered was out of stock (like
it's my fault) Framing lesson #1: noone will die if there
framing is not done that week,get over it it's just a
frame.Then just phone calls from Alan (the boss) all day
back and forth.
Then the work day was finally dreadfully over with and
came home to my boyfriend cooking dinner:) Which made me
feel better. We watched t.v. for a little while. Then my
friends came over for a short while a very short while
like maybe 10 minutes but thats ok at least I got to see
Then when I thought the day couldn't get any worse than
work it did.....I upset/frustrated my boyfriend....and
made myself feel very stupid.
See there is this online game he has started to play and
I was going to get on and see what it was like. Well when
I did I saw his character names. And one which I thought
was his ex-girlfriends character name because I had seen
it used by her somewhere else. And it made me a little
upset that he would use her character name and not
mine..yea know stupid jealousy stuff. Then I learned it
wasn't hers and I felt really stupid. I keep screwing
stupid stuff up like that. Stuff that he doesn't
understand why I get upset or jealous over. One day maybe
he will. Or maybe I'll learn not to be...I doubt it I am
stubborn :) haha
So that was my not so good day but hey it could always
get worse huh? So to anyone if anyone reads this then
write back about my question the true love thing only
happening once in a lifetime or not tell me your opinoin!!
Well goodnight all and I shall hope to talk to you again
tomorrow night!