Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-08-12 19:12:17 (UTC)

Soy Boy

Current music: Green know it, "My eyes feel like
they're gonna bleed..."
Current mood: Content, unmotivated, questioning

So where the hell have I been huh!!! Sorry everyone,
doing nothing leaves no time for being online! After
spending a few days in Dallas with my cousin who is
somewhere between cool and annoying, I've just been kinda
hiding out and finishing my English projects.
The first day of school is tomorrow!! AHHHH!!!! No me
gusta la escuela. But no one asked me. So I'm ready to
see all my homegirls but I will be soooo busy I won't have
a life anymore!
Anyway, I bet yall are wondering about the title. I
read this article in Teen People about Moby, who is a
vegan, and that was the title of it. It really made me
wonder about my lifestyle. I love my dogs so much, but how
can I hurt chickens and pigs and cows? I know it will be
soo hard, but the Bible says thou shalt not kill, and I
don't want to hurt anyone or anything! Am I going to
become a soy boy? Girl, actually, would make more sense.
My parents wouldn't understand, this is Texas!! hehe. but
really, if anyone has any advice, feel free to share.
Alas, I have to go. CompuDad wants the computer
AGAIN. GRRR!!! Sorry this was so short, but there's more

as always, ~mandy