~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
2002-11-06 03:20:29 (UTC)

belly dance

went to belly dancing tonite. was the last class. sad :( I
did the whole class this time. Im told I did really good :-
D Good work out. Kylie danced for like 5 minutes. Ur a
pussy Kylie! j/k :) Just got off the phone with Jon. I got
those 7UP boxers in the mail today that I won from the
bottle cap a while ago... OK Jon just called again a second
ago. Steph wanted to talk to me. Im eatin apple pie rite
now n watching the real world. I dont know what else to
talk about. There's once again a bunch of controversy
concerning me on the Pantera bb. Its funny. People make
such a big deal out of me. Even tho a lot of the stuff is
negative its still pretty flattering that people put so
much thought into... well... me! Ahh I hate that fucking
slut girl Trishelle from the real world. She is so fucking
ugly and I cant understand why all the guys want her! Brynn
is much prettier. The only thing remotely attractive about
Trishelle is her hair and she has big tits. lol. Sorry,
just got nothin better to talk about. Well I guess thats it
for now. I gotta create a journal & icon from Kylie for
RPG. She's gonna be Avril Lavigne lol.