All in the Night
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2001-08-12 18:51:45 (UTC)

This weekend...

Wow, this weekend was pretty eventful. I mean, i really
didnt' do anything but hangout with my friends, but then
again, that is something eventful. I absolutely LOVE all
my friends. They have to be absolutely the greatest people
alive, and i feel that over the summer we've gotten to be
REALLY close. (Lol, all of those truth or dare games and
outings that we've had....) So anyways, Cj came and
yell4ed at em to get out of the pool on friday night and
when i changed into my clothes i went down to his house and
Amanda, Sarah, Katie, and Yvon were all there. Anyways, we
somehow ended up at the mall...alive (can we say scary
drivers?!). Well, we didnt' really stay long so everybody
decided to go chill at ym house except for poor amanda who
had to go home at like 10 so she rode with Sarah and Kt to
go pick up her car and leave. Cj and Yvon and I were
cruisin' to NOW 7 and they were both smoking like fright
trains. I'm so glad Cj is quitting. But all in all, that
was a good night..we watched Valentine. Then on Saturday
Sarah came over and we went to the store and stocked up on
food (i'm such a pig) and then went to try and get a tan by
my pool. Well......mother nature had a different plan.
Shortly after Cj came over (about 2 hours after ebing in
the pool) it started to pour and we all ended up at his
house. OMG like at 5 there was this huge clap of thunder
and a bright thing of lightening and the next thing i know
we're all laying flat on the bed screaing and about to have
heart attacks itr scared us so bad. Well....the power is
out. Then like a few hours later is parents came home and
took us out to eat and then we came home and chilled as
usual...we played TWISTER!!!!!!! It was awesome. Damn, i
wrote a loooooooooooong entry. I'm out.....

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