"The Day Maggie Blew Off Her Head"
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2001-08-12 18:36:16 (UTC)

It's all about the boobs...

One question that's been lingering unanswered in my mind
for so long is why so many people take a sexual interest in
breasts... Why? Sometimes I really don't want mine. Hell-
if guys like them so much- why don't they just take a few
hormone pills and develop their own set!?! If I were given
the chance to give them up I WOULD! Men and Women are so
different and so similar. And both are always curious
about what's it's like to be the other. Thus we have
transvestites and transexuals.

Women have a lot to deal with... they bear life and have
periods. I guess men do too... most men seem to go through
some mid-life crises or what I like to call 'Male
Menopause' ^_^;;

So the battle of the sexes is pretty even when you add in
all the facts and statistics and idealsms...

Sometimes I really wish I were a lesbian tho... Guys have
this pride and ego that is just so irritating. A LOT seem
to like to think they own something and take great pride in
being it's owner. But I know there are a few out there... a
few sweet and irristable guys. *sigh* COME MY WAY WILL
YA!!!!! *pout* okay- I'm finished whining... I shouldn't
be comparing guys and gals... every single person is just
waaaay too different to stereotype- despite gender. Hell-
in this age you can't even count gender that much! But
unique is good.... REEEEAAALLY good. Yay for uniqueness!

I think I should try sleeping... it may help...

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