Erus de Volucris
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2002-11-06 02:55:14 (UTC)


Okay, so here goes one of my rambling sessions. It mostly
has to do with light.

I have created a time machine. It is on paper and has not
been built yet and may naver be built; due to the awesome
contruction required. I'll try to explain how it works.

1) Light travels (in a vacuum) 186,000 miles per second.
2) As you approach the speed of light (hitherto referred
to as "the sol") time (for you) slows down.
3) In theory once you hit the sol then time for you
4) In theory once you surpass the sol then time for you
moves backwards.

Now that I have that out of the way I will explain the
general construction. You need a lot of electro-magnets
(magnets that can be turned on or off or have the polarity
reversed (i.e the south end of the magnet becomes north)).
You constuct these magnets in a large circular tube (much
like a doughnut that has been hollowed out) so that an
object can travel around and around in the tube. Once this
is done you put an object in the middle of the tube and
start turning the magnets on, reversing them, then turning
them off. What this does is the magnets will pull the
object into a portion of the tube, then push it out into
the next set of magnets which also pulls it in and pushes
it out the back. The object keeps going around and around
it the doughnut; faster and faster until it hits light
speed. If I was the object when the sol was reached then
to someone else that could see me (outside the ring) I
would look like I was frozen. Everything would be normal
to me. If I kept spinning like that for a hundred years
then people watching me a hundred years from now would see
what the people today saw. I would still be in the same
instant in time until I slowed down. Thus to me I would be
traveling into the future. Now if you wanted to go to the
past then you could only travel back to the machine's
creation, since if you went back any further there would be
no machine in existence to keep you going at that speed.

A big problem is that you are traveling in a circle. This
means that centifugal and cetripetal forces of very, very
intense magnitude would be acting on the object. Easily
great enough to launch it into orbit. This can be slightly
overcome by creating a bigger ring (more diameter). I
think that it would be best to build this on the moon. It
should be built there since the moon has lower gravity and
thus the magnets would have greater influence over the
object. This ring should go around the moon like a belt
(it should look like the moon is wearing a silver belt).
Yeah, a lot of construction!

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