Al P.S. Tacos Rule
2002-11-06 02:46:18 (UTC)

Honor roll.. yay

Man everything was fine until i came online and talked to
jess. She made me feel like shit today. I dont wanna
explain the details cuz, i dunno i just dont. then shes
telling me another girl likes her. well good for her lol,
ok so im jealous. So!?!?!?!! well yeah so im an asshole...
sue me. ahhh i dunno im so bitter today. i just wanna stop
talking to her today. like sleep for the night. This
morning KICKED ASS!!!! in school mrs ravolis was out so
there was sub and she was really nice so WOOOOOHOOOOOO so
that was so awesome. Oh god she knows i get jealous
sooooooo easily why did she have to tell me that :( its
just like, ok there was this girl at school her name is
jenn and she likes me but did i tell jess? Duh of course
not, why would i? im friends with her but its not like a
flirt, hell no. in fact, im never interested in other girls
except jess. man im such an asshole. i totally blew off
jess when she was gonna eat i was like k. But ahhhhhh man i
know i shouldnt so why am i? its just grrr sometimes i
think she wants to piss me off, i know its probably nowhere
near true. but today she doesnt talk to me and its about
her friend and i understand cuz her friend is havin issues.
But she hardly says i love you when i say it like every
second, shes just like love you when im like i love you
sooooooooooo so much baby. i've been so depressed, except
yesterday, ah man i forgot to tell you, um journal lol. me
and jess talked and omg, it was like heaven, i was on cloud
nine. we didnt fight we just talked and laughed and wow it
was perfect... i wish today was like yesterday. Oh yeah and
i got a 3.6 GPA the most i could have is 4.0. Go me.