Thoughts in the Confused
2001-08-12 18:06:42 (UTC)

dream part 2

Ok, well, this encounter was not quite as sexual as it
sounded like it ended in part 1. It was I guess but it did
not seem that way in the dream. I am not sure how to
explain it. Anyway we ran out and was going to go to a
different bathroom or some place more quiet. We hearded for
the other bathroom but when we got there it was not a
bathroom but like a resturant that was like closed all the
chairs were up on the tables and we rushed through and went
toward the bathroom and when we went in it was not a
bathroom but a huge net which you walk on and stuff. So we
run out laughing and fall into each other and he kind of
reaches down and I say, "You know I have never been kissed. And
I want you to kiss me." He just looks into my eyes and
kisses me soft and long. It feels great. He kisses me
again more and more passonately.

Some guy is walking by and tells us that what we are doing
is wrong and we are going to get caught. But we ignore him.
His kisses are driving me wild. I never felt anything
quite like that and it was making me very aroused. I reach
down to his crotch and start messaging it and he does the
same all the while still kissing like crazy. And now, I wake up, sad to say, sorry. And I can not get back to sleep to finish the
dream. Talk about how depressing. I never have dreams like
that and it upsets me that it does not even finish.

I did not really describe the guy, did I. He was about my
height maybe a little shorter than 6 foot. He was not what
a lot of people say was gorgeous but he was very cute to me.
His hair was short and i think dirty blond or light brown.
no facial hair. He was not built by any means but he was
average and very cute to me. Well, it was a pleasant dream
and I look foward to many more

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